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CCHA Advisory Committees

Colorado Community Health Alliance (CCHA) values the voice of our Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program) members, providers, and stakeholders throughout the community as we continue to evolve our service model and programs.

We provide advisory committees as a forum to effectively promote engagement in the Health First Colorado Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) and gain valuable insight from a diverse range of participants in the regions we serve. Through these committees, we work with members, families, caregivers, advocates, providers, community organizations, state agencies, and other members of the health neighborhood to involve them, listen to their input, and problem solve with them to achieve the goals of the ACC.

We use our Member Advisory Committee to gather feedback from members and caregivers on how to improve our programs and guide us in innovative new approaches to whole‐person, integrated care. Our goal is to confirm the interventions we offer apply to the real lives of members.

Participating members represent a diverse population that brings input from varying perspectives on topics such as care coordination programs and screening tools, engagement efforts, and access to care. We also solicit feedback on member education materials to help ensure communications are meaningful, understandable and distributed via effective delivery methods.

The mission of this committee is to engage the community to strengthen and grow the health neighborhood in the Health First Colorado regions we serve, as well as effectively leverage the health neighborhood to improve health and life outcomes for members while controlling costs and utilizing state resources wisely. Committee meetings provide an opportunity for engagement and collaborative discussion focused on efforts such as:

  • Determining how best to invest incentive funds and develop value-based payment approaches to drive quality and support integrated care
  • Learning about and leveraging existing efforts of partners in the health neighborhood
  • Establishing effective communication among members of the health neighborhood

The Program Improvement Advisory Committee convenes representatives from a diverse, multidisciplinary system of physical and behavioral health care providers, community organizations, county agencies, public health departments, and other service providers in our regions that support Health First Colorado ACC members.

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Minutes are available for advisory committee meetings held in the current calendar year as well as past years.

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