CCHA Support for Providers

Improving Health Care in Colorado – We’re In This Together!

As a primary care or behavioral health provider for the Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC), you are part of a strong health neighborhood of medical and social services providers. In addition, every Health First Colorado member belongs to a regional organization that manages their physical and behavioral health care. CCHA is the regional organization for members who have a primary care provider in Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, El Paso, Gilpin, Jefferson, Park or Teller County.  And you have our support to help make sure members have access to the care and services they need. We all share accountability and are committed to creating a more integrated, coordinated system of care for this population that offers more value, provides a better experience, and improves overall health.

CCHA is here to help you as a Health First Colorado provider.

We offer various services, tools and resources to help connect and engage both patients and providers in the health care process.

Care Coordination Support

  • Support PCPs and behavioral health providers through a multidisciplinary team of clinical care coordinators (nurses, social workers and behavioral health specialists) and non-clinical member support specialists (resource experts, community health workers and peer support specialists).
  • Assist providers with Health First Colorado members, especially those who:
    • Call frequently
    • Have complicated health needs or trouble getting the health care they need
    • Need to connect with nonmedical resources such as transportation, childcare, food assistance or housing
    • Would benefit from additional disease/medication education
    • Require in-home evaluation
    • Miss appointments or have transportation issues
    • Are diagnosed with complex or chronic disease
    • Frequently visit the hospital or ER
    • Frequently utilize behavioral health or crisis support services
  • Work together with providers and members to develop care plans, support transitions of care, offer community resource guidance and provide health education

Provider Relations, Network Management & Physician-to-Physician Consultation

  • Connect PCPs to CCHA services and provide assistance with anything related to care for our Health First Colorado members
  • Serve as the liaison between providers, the State, and CCHA leadership
  • Educate providers about Health First Colorado participation and resources available to support their success
  • Maintain a network of urgent care, dental, and other specialty providers that serve members
  • Offer direct PCP consultation with our Chief Medical Officer, a family medicine physician, to help navigate the ins and outs of the ACC program

Data & Reporting Support

  • Help primary care practices adapt to changes and build sustainable processes to deliver comprehensive, patient-centered care through data and continuous quality improvement efforts
  • Support providers and practice staff with CCHA or ACC program key performance measure initiatives

Clinical Quality Improvement & Practice Transformation

  • Train on how to access the Data Analytics Portal (DAP) and help understand how to use the data most effectively
  • Deliver reports regarding attributed members including info such as high risk, appointment no shows, and frequent ER utilizers
  • Provide individual practice data showing progress with key performance indicator measures and gaps in care
  • Offer guidance with benchmarking efforts and best practices

Patient Education & Provider Tools

  • Outreach members and provide information about Health First Colorado and CCHA services
  • Help members understand and use their health care benefits and find providers for their physical and behavioral health needs
  • Encourage self-management of chronic health conditions and educate about diseases and medications, pregnancy and family planning, community resources for non-medical needs, etc.
  • Provide participating providers with tools and materials to help educate patients and succeed with achieving performance goals
  • Access Free Patient Education Materials & Provider Tools

Community Liaison Services

  • Promote and foster collaborative relationships with vital organizations in the community and health neighborhood to ensure members are getting access to needed services
  • Establish efficient processes for bi-directional member referrals and provide updates on current ACC and CCHA initiatives