Red de Especialidad

Health First Colorado Specialty Care Providers

As a specialty care provider for Health First Colorado (Colorado’s Medicaid Program), Colorado Community Health Alliance (CCHA) can help you support your patients. Services and support provided by CCHA are at no cost to you, the provider, or Health First Colorado members.

How CCHA Can Help You

  • Provider relations to connect you to resources and support
  • Care Coordination Services from our team of nurses, social workers and community resource specialists
  • Centralized call center to assist both providers and members.
  • Behavioral health integration to help specialty care providers refer members
  • Member resources to help educate about Health First Colorado benefits

To learn more about CCHA support for specialty providers, contact

Join Our Specialty Care Referral Network

We invite you to become a specialty care provider in our referral network. We work together with primary care, behavioral health and specialty providers to get members connected to the services and resources they need.

Need Help Coordinating Care for Your Health First Colorado Patients?

Region 6 Care Coordination Referral Form (members with a PCP in Boulder, Broomfield, Clear Creek, Gilpin and Jefferson counties)

Region 7 Care Coordination Referral Form (members with a PCP in El Paso, Park and Teller counties)

Important Reminder for Specialists - Include NPI on Referral Forms

If you are a specialist provider, please ensure you have included the referring provider ID (referring practice’s NPI) when processing claims to Health First Colorado through the portal. See the image below.

  • The referring provider ID must be an NPI.
  • If the referring physician has not included their NPI with their referral, please request it from them.

While the portal currently shows this field as "optional," performing this step is critical to understanding the needs of our member population.Submit Processional Claim Guide

Completing this step does not commit your practice to seeing additional Health First Colorado members, nor does it include you in our provider directory. CCHA will not distribute your information to other practices or agencies. For more information, contact