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Why does the Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC) need providers like you?

Primary care providers are a key component to the success of the ACC. Currently approximately 70% (more than 900,000) of Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) members are enrolled in the ACC. Join us and other health care partners throughout the community in this collaboration to improve access to care and health outcomes for Coloradans.

Are preconceived ideas about Health First Colorado holding you back?

Let’s bust some of the most common myths about Health First Colorado!


Health First Colorado patients are difficult – unemployed, unhealthy, extremely complex.

With the extra support members receive through the ACC, they are more engaged in their health and costs of care are decreasing. Plus, the face of this population has changed in Colorado. Becoming an ACC provider may allow you to provide continuity of care for patients who have a fluctuating income status, have Health First Colorado as secondary coverage, or have mixed coverage within their family.

  • With expansion to include childless adults, there is an increased number of individuals who are transitioning in and out of Health First Colorado and employer-based health plans or alternative plans offered through Connect for Health Colorado.
  • The State also implemented the Health First Colorado ACC for Medicare and Medicaid Enrollees to provide a more integrated system of care that helps reduce fragmentation and barriers to appropriate care. This may include Health First Colorado patients who are already on your panel.
  • Many families have mixed health insurance, with some on commercial plans and some on Health First Colorado. By accepting Health First Colorado, you can provide care for the entire family.

I won’t have control over my Health First Colorado panel.

As an ACC primary care provider, you can set limits on your patient panels and will have full control over the number of Health First Colorado patients you see.



I can’t afford to see Health First Colorado patients.

There are multiple payment opportunities for ACC primary care providers, including the following:

  • PMPM Payment: Currently, PCPs get reimbursed $3 per member per month for providing medical home level services for ACC members.
  • Incentive Payments: Many providers are eligible for incentive payments from the Department of Health Care Policy and Financing based on performance with key quality measures. There are also programs such as the EHR Provider Incentive Program, which supports practices with implementing or upgrading their EHR system.
  • Shared Savings: Providers are eligible to receive a portion of medical cost savings generated by the ACC.

I don’t have the resources I need to be successful in the ACC.

To assist with managing care for your ACC member panel, you will have access to member level utilization and risk data through the Statewide Data and Analytics Contractor. Most importantly, CCHA is here to support you and your practice with a range of services, tools and resources. Check out all the ways that CCHA can help you.


Are you interested in joining the CCHA provider network, or would you like to learn more about being an ACC primary care provider?

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