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Highlights of Our Successes

Each year the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy & Financing engages Health Services Advisory Group, Inc. (HSAG) to conduct annual site reviews with each regional entity. The purpose is to assess successes and challenges in implementing key components of the Health First Colorado (Colorado's Medicaid Program) Accountable Care Collaborative (ACC).

Here’s what HSAG had to say about CCHA performance in FY 2015 – 2016!

Individual Medicare-Medicaid Program Member Care Coordination
HSAG found 9 of the 10 records reviewed to be 100% compliant with care coordination requirements.
CCHA and its delegates were routinely documenting all elements of the service coordination plan (SCP), which included a comprehensive assessment, member goals, action items, and documentation of other agencies working with the member.
SCP documentation indicated that care coordinators focused actions on member-defined goals.
Several cases involved coordination with agencies such as single entry points and community centered boards that were already working with the member and meeting the majority of their needs and goals.
CCHA demonstrated excellent leadership, expertise and enthusiasm among care coordination staff.

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Integration with Specialist Providers, Behavioral Health Services and Behavioral Health Organizations
CCHA staff members are innovative yet realistic regarding mechanisms to improve access to specialists.
CCHA demonstrated that it had excellent medical director leadership that offered insight into the subspecialist environment and ability to engage specialists in physician-to-physician communications.
CCHA demonstrated a thoughtful approach to each project, including the ability for leadership to engage with its partners to cooperatively and continuously improve processes, achieve mutual goals, and attain meaningful outcomes.
The long-standing relationship and shared geographic boundaries between CCHA and Foothills Behavioral Health Partners have been an asset in building a strong foundation for developing an integrated delivery system.
CCHA, working in partnership with the region 6 federally qualified health centers and community mental health centers, have continually implemented additional sites of integrated care delivery. By extending tested models of co-location to additional PCPs, while simultaneously supporting members with collaborative care coordination resources, these organizations are gradually transforming health care delivery in the region.